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16 Apr, 2015

Ideas of Craft Activities for Kids

Craft activities are a fantastic idea for children. They can play and have some fun in preparing gifts, decoration and masks. Cutting and pasting the pieces of paper in a specified way can represent their knowledge. They can also prepare their own invitation cards for birthday with beautiful and colorful…

16 Apr, 2015

Best Art Activities for Kids

Kids will have fun with art activities. Encourage them to get creative ideas.  It will be more interesting and benefits to spend or engage kids. Arts & Crafts activities can give their innovative ideas and helps them to know colors, drawing, and shapes. There are some art activities like educational…

16 Apr, 2015

Photography for kids

Photography is to capture memories. Photography would be fun with kids. You can make incredible pictures anywhere at anytime. You have to teach them many skills at the age of 3 – 5. Photography is the way to create a unique image to try something new. Make kids familiar with…

16 Apr, 2015

How to teach painting to a child

Painting can be fun both of you and your kid. Painting is a wide variety of kid’s art activity. It is an effective way of representing the ideas and feelings. Painting enhances children’s creativity, that increases fine motor skills, teaches color recognition and hues. Every child can have their own…

16 Apr, 2015

Importance of Scrapbooking

Scrapbooking is nothing but a family history with photos and memories. It is an important aspect and collection of various items. It gives beautiful memories to preserve and importance of pass down through the generations. •    Children scrapbook is most precious to review their taught, moments, time and place. •  …

15 Apr, 2015

Best Ways to Bond with Kids in Arts...

Art and craft is the best way to bond with kids. Most of kids and parents engage in arts and crafts when they have free time. Craft is a great idea for everyone to spend more time. • Prepare a fun craft that your kid can enjoy. And also spend…

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